Industrial Taxonomy
+ Contextual Intelligence

Contextual Targeting

The Atingent private ad marketplace delivers a unique approach to solving this dilemma for industrial companies. Our detailed industrial taxonomy and contextual ad placement algorithms identify specific pages where potential customers are reading about industrial products like yours. We can then place your display ad in front of that prospect at that moment to further engage them.

Multi-Lingual Exposure,
by Country or Region

Global & Multi-Lingual Exposure

You can reach this audience, worldwide, in their native language, to promote your brand, describe your product benefits, and generate immediate interest. Your message can even follow this potential customer to subsequent website pages, further reinforcing your presence. We can place your ad in front of potential customers in specific countries, or regions. You decide how broad or narrow you want to define your markets.

Simple Implementation

Stronger Performance

The Atingent private ad marketplace makes it easy for you to reach your prime target without the need for foreign language expertise, or knowledge of local media websites. We work with you to identify the terms in our taxonomy that are relevant for the products you want to promote, and the message you want to deliver. We take care of the localization!

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